Refund a Payment


A refund is when you have charged a payer, and need to cancel the payment and return the funds to the payer. The funds will be returned to whatever payment method (credit card, bank account) that the payer initially used to make the payment


A payer bought tickets to an event, but realized they can no longer attend. They ask for a refund on their tickets and you want to be able to return the money to them easily.

Key Concepts

A refund can either be FULL or PARTIAL.

  • Full refund - 100% of the amount paid is returned to the payer.
  • Partial refund - An amount up to the net (the amount the merchant received) will be returned to the payer. Multiple partial refunds can be made.

Time Limit: Refunds can only be issued 60 days after the initial payment was released. However, WePay can extend this time limit on a merchant by merchant basis upon request. Please contact us for information.