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WePay API Overview

With the WePay API, you can instantly enable your users to accept online payments. The WePay API supports a seamless user-experience while shielding your application from fraud and regulatory complexity.

Enabling payments

WePay’s OAuth2 flow lets users create a WePay account using a popup on your site. Once they’ve provided a name, email, and password, they can start accepting payments instantly.

Integrating checkout

WePay supports two ways of collecting payment information. Both are designed to support a seamless user-experience on your platform.

Embedded form

WePay’s iframe checkout is the fastest way to integrate checkout on your site. It’s a pre-built checkout form, which handles data validation, PCI compliance, and more.

Custom form

You can also build a custom checkout form and pass credit card data to WePay directly. We’ll store the payment information and return a unique token that you can use to charge the customer at any time.

Advanced payment options

Storing payment information

Collect customer payment information, so you can charge them in the future. Read more


Automatically charge customers at regular intervals. Read more

Delayed payouts

Charge customers immediately, but restrict the merchant’s access to the funds for a period of time (until the item is shipped or the service is performed, for example). Read more

App fees

Generate revenue by adding your own transaction fees to payments processed on your platform. Read more


WePay deposits funds directly into your users’ bank accounts. Your users can provide their bank account details through a secure iframe on your site. When they link their bank accounts, they’ll be asked to provide additional information required to verify their identity.

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